Just as with the last summer Olympics, I learned some things from Vancouver:

There are not enough sports featuring women and guns.
Curling rules.

So does Canada.

Authority, even when it may have your best interests at heart, should not be followed blindly.
Sometimes, faith in the nation comes from unlikely places.

It is possible, apparently, to stop being a douchebag.
There is a fine line between inspiring feats of skilled daring and just gay.

Colorado is where you want to do dangerous experiments.

Not even really great hockey can keep me awake.
Humor is a dish best served cold.
Athletes are much more interesting when they are athletes, not brands.
Fifty-fifty at ninety is more interesting than margins of 0.1 seconds.
Too few athletes sport that mustache feeling. Even fewer go for the fake mustache. And that is a shame.
Following your dreams is, sometimes, not worth the cost.
It doesn’t need to be pretty to be victory.
Avoiding crashes (mostly) is an Olympic event.
No one took my suggestion, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.
I have more respect for athletes who risk losing easy medals to try something extraordinary.

Photos from NBC and the official Vancouver site, who gathered them from various sources (mostly Getty, AP and Reuters).