Seeing samaBlog tackle an office pool of 2008 predictions from the New York Times, I thought I’d do the same. The only thing is, I think many of the choices suck. So I’m going to answer free-form. Also, I’ll not repeat the questions or choices, so you’ll need to follow along in one of the links above:

  1. The SEC does not allow me to answer this question.
  2. No Country for Old Men
  3. Portions of either the DCMA or the Patriot Act are un-Constitutional. Preferably both.
  4. Tree of Smoke.
  5. The World Without Us.
  6. …services offering media without access control financially crush those that require DRM, and find that “old media” sales (CDs, DVDs) for such “open” titles actually increase as well.
  7. …the 50 trillion dollar shortfall that will fiscally destroy America pretty soon will continue to be unmentioned.
  8. Pervez Musharraf.
  9. Cuba.
  10. …hell freezes over.
  11. …whichever of them happens last. I might even care by then.
  12. …slightly higher than it is now. Also, October and November will be bloody, as the insurgency attempts to influence the U.S. Presidential election.
  13. …roughly equivalent to shuffling deck chairs on the Titantic, as it will be something other than the only one that actually matters (see answer #7).
  14. …something very loud but, ultimately, not important that skews the results of one or more party’s nominations. In the actual election, the standard advantages of height, hair and the “beer factor” will turn out to not play a role.
  15. Hillary Clinton-Robert “Bob” Kerrey
  16. …almost certainly a pair for whom I will not vote.
  17. “Anyone but Bush”. This theme will likely be just as disastrous as the soccer-mom “I just think it’s time for a change” theme that brought Bush to power was. Alternately, the winning theme may be the real lesson learned in the 2000 election: “I can rig election results better than you”.
  18. …something other than the only thing that actually matters (see answer #7).
  19. …the consequences of a 50 trillion dollar shortfall that no one has done anything to fix.