A digression from my usual posting style and the start of my descent into a self-obsessed wasteland, inspired by Dr. Vikingzen.

Ten things I’ve done that you probably haven’t

  1. Suffered second degree sunburns on the backs of my ears.
  2. Received a letter from Steve Wynn correctly criticizing my archetectural theories.
  3. Sang in front of hundreds of people dressed as a monk, complete with “shaved head” wig.
  4. Acted as the corporate voice for Jack Hunter Ford (age 10).
  5. Sat behind Alexander Solzhenitsyn for several hours in Harvard Yard.
  6. Drank a toast to large-breasted women with the guy who wrote the theme song to Silver Spoons.
  7. Witnessed a Blue Man completely break character to greet my father.
  8. Shared an elevator with several obviously armed Secret Service agents assigned to guard then Vice President George Bush.
  9. Illegally entered, and drove the full length of, a (then active) United States miliary base. With my mother in the car.
  10. Received a scolding for staging a fake fight on an elementary school playground, in front of a church (fifth grade).