Product Idea: “Rumsfeld”

There should be a “Rumsfeld” mode in Bugzilla (or other issue tracking systems) that tracks issues the way Donald Rumsfeld does. Something where the “severity” field is something like this:

Come to think of it, why doesn’t the government have a big public bug tracking database? Certain “power users” could be officially assigned issues to take into their own hands, like “fit the pothole on 5th and Main” or “secure the El Paso border against brown people looking for work you won’t do”.


Those who know me realize that I’m into role-playing games. My game of the moment is Exalted. Like most games, software exists to manage characters and so on. The best of the breed for Exalted right now is Anathema, a java-based system for which I have kind of defaulted to be the “Mac release guy”. Basically, I’m responsible for turning releases into double-clickable Mac applications.

Doing this with Java applications is easier than I expected, though presently Anathema is fairly non-Mac looking. I’m looking to change that, if possible. Having never done much Java development specific to the Mac, I’ve been logging my experiences from initial check out of code on in an Exalted-based forum. I don’t have a lot of time to tinker, especially since my laptop drive died (again), but I’ll continue posting there as long as I can stand it.

And, if you are a Mac-using player of Exalted, please download the Mac package and let me know if it has any problems.