Recommended software

February 27th, 2008 — Wordman

Once again, I have updated my recommended Mac OS X software page. It’s been over two years since my last update, though much remains the same.

Palm software

June 15th, 2006 — Wordman

Since my wife has given her old Palm device to my sister, I thought it would be a good time to post a list of recommended Palm software in the same vein as my earlier Mac OS X recommendations. If you have something you enjoy using, let me know about it.

Updated recommended software

November 3rd, 2005 — Wordman

After a long bout of procrastination, I’ve updated my list of recommended Mac OS X software. As before, I don’t spend any effort listing common programs like iTunes, but rather stuff that can be hard to locate, but quite useful and cool.

Mac software list

October 29th, 2004 — Wordman

Recently, a lot of people switching to Mac OS X—either from other platforms or earlier Mac operating systems—have been asking me about software for OS X. While most of the commercial stuff is pretty obvious, the OS X community overflows with freeware and shareware head and shoulders above such offerings on other platforms. I put together a list of my favorites.