Growing up, sort of

The general reaction to the Eliot Spitzer “scandal” strikes me as an interesting stop along a fairly recent road toward a (sort of) more mature public treatment of sex. It wasn’t that long ago (say, a century or so) that nearly all of the public would have laid the blame for the whole scandal solely at the feet of the prostitute. Only recently has the “scarlet letter” mentality shifted to force men to bear the weight of their transgressions. Some parts of the world still stone prostitutes and adulteresses.

So, it seems encouraging to me that virtually no one has been trying to lay blame at the feet of the prostitute in this case or claiming that, somehow, Spitzer was somehow powerless to resist her feminine wiles. In fact, it seems that she has become something of a hero, with lots of people buying her music.

It seems like a good sign that the U.S. is starting to grow up a little bit, sticking a toe out from under the smothering history of Puritanical idiocy that has shaped so much of the region’s politics for centuries.

Of course, a nation that really had a mature attitude toward sex (and loves the free market as much as the U.S. claims to) wouldn’t be so bent out of shape about prostitution in the first place, so we still have a long ways to go.

On being the Unoffcial Apple Weblog’s bitch

The Unoffcial Apple Weblog is offering a contest where if you link to ten of their stories, you might win some sort of trendy music player. In spite of the fact that no mention is made of how this contest will be judged, allow me to prostitute my blog for the benefit of their pagerank:

  1. Occasionally, they cover software choices of pundits you’ve never heard of. Reminds me of my own software recommendations.
  2. TUAW questions the voices of prophets from time to time. So do I.
  3. We are also both concerned with noise, though I worry more about indoor silence.
  4. TUAW tries to be humorous. This TUAW story has a lot in common with one of my own blog entries, in that neither of them is funny.
  5. I like when they hail evolution. I do so love evolution.
  6. While their coverage of a nice recipe program was typically fluffy, it made me appreciate having a superior wife than the one mentioned in the story, who lets me do stuff like this.
  7. Some of their unnecessary editorialization and personal sharing I genuinely agree with.
  8. We also have similar taste in radio.
  9. Every once in a while, TUAW offers a pointless contest. So do I.
  10. Obviously their best story because it links back to me. Well, almost. It actually links to Engadget, who link back to me. That TUAW decided to route through a sister site for no reason doubtless tells you all you need to know about their journalistic integrity.

Update: Shockingly, this didn’t win.

Update 11 Oct 2006: Not long after this contest completed, the post announcing the contest vanished. Over the intervening time, I sent some queries to TUAW about this but never got a reply.