Election update

Care-O-MeterToday, I am upgrading my Care-O-Meter for the 2008 U.S. Presidential race from its previous rating of “slight” to “moderate”. The world seems to be more enthusiastic.

Most interesting to me were the results in my home state of Colorado, which I consider to be a litmus test for the nation. (I’m not the only one, by the way. Colorado has been used to test market products for decades, thanks to its mix of race, urban and rural population, blue and white collar, military and civilian, Christian! and Christian and not-quite-so-Christian, Republican and Democrat, even mountain and plain. I experienced the joys of Crystal Pepsi, for example, before most of you.) Colorado drifted Democrat in the big races this year, but the ballot issues were more interesting.

One of them attempted to change the definition of “person” in the state Constitution to start at the moment of conception. I’m not surprised that this was defeated, since it was called by some “unreasonable, inflexible anti-abortion extremism”; however, given that it got on the ballot at all, I was surprised to see how universally it got thrashed. Equally interesting, the so-called “end affirmative action” initiative is still a dead heat at the time of this post.

Now I care. Slightly.

Care-O-MeterNow that samaBlog has provided a primer to most of the candidates, I am upgrading my Care-O-Meter for the 2008 U.S. Presidential race from “nonexistent” to “slight”.

I now care a little bit about the election. I didn’t yesterday. I didn’t last week. And I sure has hell didn’t care two years ago when all this election coverage started. There is no purpose to debates 18 months before the election, damn it!

States, your disgusting race to have the first primary does nothing but make me hate you and your vanity. Stop it.

XM, there is no need for an entire freaking channel covering this election, particularly this far away from the actual election. Stop it.

CNN, there is a reason that a Google search for “election coverage” brings up the page for your 2004 coverage long before showing a link to your 2008 coverage.

There is a reason that the Economist’s current “Week in Politics” only mentions the US election as its second to last item, and even then with a note that the process “got under way” this week.

There is a reason these elections only happen every four years. I look forward to when this one is over, so that the next one can start a day after the inauguration.