Predictions for 2013

Since we made it to the 14th baktun without being swallowed by the sun, or a dragon rising from Mt. Fuji or something, I thought I’d follow samaBlog’s lead and make some predictions:

  • I will make more posts to this blog in 2012 than I did in 2013. (This will not be hard.)
  • We will go over the “fiscal cliff”. This will not be the calamity imagined by the media, particularly since nearly every part of the “cliff” is actually good for the country’s long term health.
  • Apple will finally update the Mac Pro. It will not be what people expect (I’m thinking it might turn out modular, with “pods” for PCI cards or something).
  • Apple will release a TV. It will fail, but spawn imitators.
  • Apple will release a version of the iPhone and/or iOS that blatantly copies features from Android.
  • Bashar Hafez al-Assad will die. Syria will not become democratic.
  • The gun lobby will continue to fail to realize that fighting mental illness is in its best interest, and so make the problem worse.
  • Something will gain more views than Gangnam Style. It will have been created by someone much less xenophobic than PSY.
  • Someone will start making Twinkies again.
  • No one will submit a real report of actually playing ’inkadia.
  • The northeast U.S. will be hit be another major hurricane.
  • The Denver Broncos will reach the Super Bowl.
  • Exactly 80% of Time’s tech predictions for 2013 will be wrong.
  • The following will occur in the social media space, as measured by Nielsen:
    • Percentage of Pinterest users who are men will drop.
    • Year-over-year growth in unique visitors to Google+ will be higher than any other currently existing social network.
    • Year-over-year growth in unique visitors to Facebook will continue to be negative.
    • Year-over-year growth in unique visitors to Twitter will not exceed 5%.
  • A drone operated by state or city law enforcement will crash in the U.S., causing property damage and minor injuries.
  • Pacific Rim will score less than 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, but will make over a billion dollars by the end of the year.
  • The Form 1 3D printer will be featured at least three times by major mainstream media news.
  • The initial elation of the D&D Next release will rapidly cool. Sales numbers will be worse than expected. Rumors will persist of Hasbro killing D&D, but it will not do so in 2013.
  • Average temperatures for 2013 will be higher than 2012.
  • Some places damaged by hurricane Sandy will be declared off limits for rebuilding by new local zoning rules.

2 thoughts to “Predictions for 2013”

  1. I don’t think the Gun Lobby will fight the mental health prohibitions. They don’t seem to be in Colorado at least. It always seemed to be less a gun rights issue and more of a patient confidentiality issue. The gun lobby is gearing up for Assault Weapons and Hi-Capacity magazine bans. I’m not convinced they’ll pass at the national level (see Fiscal Cliff negotiations) but I bet they’ll pass at the state level, mainly states like Colorado where the Governor, Senate and House are controlled by the Democrats.

    I’m not sure about the Broncos, but it would be nice. I keep thinking back to that year we lost to the Steelers at home in the AFC Championship game. The Patriots are still tough, luckily the Texans seem to be faltering. I hope the Broncos make it to the AFC Championship game at least.

    I’m not certain D&D Next will get released in 2013. I thought it was 2014 for some reason. I think the prediction is probably correct, no matter the year it’s released. I know my group has shown little interest.

    Cool predictions. We’ll have to revisit the post at the end of 2013.

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