How to trim a budget

Matthew Yglesias summarizes Stan Collender’s thoughts on cutting budgets like so:

…the key thing for any fiscal adjustment plan to say on the cut side isn’t really how much money you’re cutting, it’s what things do you want the government to stop doing. Once you name the things, you can total up the savings. Then you can either say you’ve cut enough, or else you can go back and name more things.

So with that in mind, here is what I’d like my government to stop doing, in no particular order. I want the government to stop…

The Cato Institute has very detailed thoughts about what they want the government to stop. The New York Times also offers and interactive method for playing with what stopping certain things will save. What do you want the government to stop doing?

(Hat tip to MN for pointing me to the original article.)

Raise a glass to Hick

No matter what your reaction to yesterday’s elections here in the States is, please take a moment tonight to join me in raising a pint to John Hickenlooper, the next governor of my home state of Colorado. Not just because Hick is a really good guy. Nor even because he knows how to make some really good beer.

Instead, raise a glass to Hickenlooper for starting his campaign with a pledge to avoid negative attack ads, and actually sticking to it. And also because the ads he did run were a cut above your average political shilling.

So, here’s to you, Governor Hickenlooper. (Now, if only this glass was filled with some Rail Yard.)