I don’t usually click banner ads, but I followed one a few minutes ago that seems like a killer deal to certain Mac users. It’s called MacHeist and is a bundle of eight, possibly ten, shareware applications. Since two of these appear on my list of recommended Mac OS X software seems to be worth a look. Part of the proceeds go to charity as well.

The final two applications only get unlocked if a certain amount is raised for charity. Since the deal ends on 16 Dec 2006, it looks like this might not happen, which is a pity considering that one of them, TextMate, is the best application of the lot.

Since I already own Delicious Library and TextMate, I’m not sure I’ll buy this bundle, but I’m tempted. Some of the other apps seem intriguing.

Update: Evidently, Daring Fireball thinks you should care less about what you are paying, and more about what the developers are getting. The lesson I take away from his analysis: developers charge too much.