Hyper MacJesus Pro Gold returns from the dead to save all mankind

Back in the days of Macintosh System 6.0, Lamprey Systems (“software that sucks”) brought us “Your Own Personal Savior on a Floppy Disk”, but then He languished as technology outpaced Him. Now, He’s back, redubbed MacJesusX, promising Mac OS X goodness, “the Insinerator Sin-Removal Tool® and state-of-the-art 80’s programming techniques”.

The latest version, unfortunately, isn’t as fun as the System 7 version. I think one reason might be that it doesn’t use the hypnotic theme song from the earlier one. To restore it to its former glory, I’ve managed (not easily) to extract said theme and translated it into a short MP3. You pretty much have to listen to it on a loop to get the full effect. If you have QuickTime installed, hit play on the control below to see what I mean.

One thought to “Hyper MacJesus Pro Gold returns from the dead to save all mankind”

  1. OH, I need this again! I haven’t heard/seen my MacJesus Pro Gold in so long! Thanks for the mp3 but now I have to install Sheepshaver and find this old software. Too bad I missed the apparently short-lived revival of Mr. Carr’s work.

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