Several days after my previous brief mention of Nostradamus, NPR broadcast a story about Mahmoud Abbas. While listening to it, I was still in a prognostication frame of mind and put together some Nostradamus writing with Mr. Abbas.

I don’t put a lot of stock in Nostradamus, but one prediction that seemed to go beyond coincidence is the use of the name “Hister” in relation to a prophesy of a certain German dictator. Nostradamus didn’t use proper names that often, so it’s not like he threw a bunch of names into his quatrains and just happened to get lucky here. He did, however, use another proper name once, allegedly in reference to his “third antichrist”: Mabus.

When listening to the story, I realized it is not much of a leap from “Mahmoud Abbas” to “M. Abbas” to “Mabus”. Foolishly thinking I might be onto something, I googled for “Mahmoud Mabus” and, naturally, got a bunch of hits from Nostradamus fanatics who figured this out a long time ago.

Unfortunately, most of these brains seem to completely ignore what Nostradamus actually wrote. While I have a more or less pluralist view of different belief systems (all belief systems, including mine, are equally useless), it bugs me when people completely ignore the rules of whatever belief system they claim to follow. If you are someone who claims to run your life by following the Anasazi Oracle, that’s great, so long as you actually follow that oracle’s rules.

What Nostradamus wrote about Mabus was this (Century II, Quatrain 62)

Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra,
De gens & bestes vne horrible defaite:
Puuis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comete.

…which means (as translated by John Hogue):

Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

This seems to be a pretty clear prediction that someone named “Mabus” will get killed, then a bunch of bad things will happen immediately after. That’s it. For some reason, however, most of the Nostradamus “scholars” out there will go on at great length about how Mabus is the third antichrist and speculate about who he is, in spite of the fact that the above prophesy says nothing of the kind. It is just as likely that the third antichrist kills Mabus. You can’t tell from this prophesy.

An entire belief system seems to have deluded itself by completely ignoring the rules of the system in which they claim to believe (rules like “pay attention to what the prophet actually said”). There have even been TV shows based on the idea that Mabus is the antichrist when there seems to be no foundation for this idea within Nostradamus’ work.

I’m sure at least one Nostradamus fanatic will point out the error of my ways. (Someone will also no doubt point out that if you hold “Mabus” up to a mirror, you get a good approximation of “Saddam”.) I’d also love to hear from anyone who has references to what people before 1900 A.D. thought Mabus meant.

In any case, if Nostradamus is to be believed and if Mahmoud Abbas really is Mabus, sounds like his impending wacking will ignite quite the powder keg. I predict it will also ignite a wave of “we told you sos” from the Nostradamus faithful and at least one TV special, probably on Fox.

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  1. Didn’t Nostradamus also say the third anti-christ would come from the middle east, and would wear a blue turban?

  2. The prophecies of Nostradamus were rediscovered by Nazi German´s Minister of Propaganda shortly before the invasion on D day. so I don´t think there were any opinions about Mabus in the 1900.
    anyway my guess is that Mabus is an anagram for Musab, the brain behind the terrorist attacks against the US Troops in Iraq, and a leading member of an Al Quaeda Terrorist cell

  3. Could also refer to MABUS American Bush . If assinated by terrorist what would the United States do in return to those whom they thought did the act. ?

  4. maybe, just maybe, our ability to convey what this man was saying to us, from another time, and another culture, so far removed from our present concious state, both historically, culturally and ideologically estranged, is just an attempt to find meaning in the coffee that sits on our morning table, ie some persons need to find god! it is one hell of a good read though!

  5. ok so what if it is mr abus or bush or saddam… but what he speaks of the ”comet” wud this be a nuke?

  6. I heard a theory before about it being related to Osama Bin Laden/ George W. Bush somehow. OsaMA…BUSh. I don’t know, just a theory i’ve heard.

  7. Seeing as Masud was just killed, if he is Mabus, there’s some bad stuff about to come down. If, on the other hand, Mabus is M. Abbas, his current referendum to declare statehood next to Israel may be the catalyst his demise se at the hands of Hamas… just a thought. Either way, they both fit.

  8. Saddam fits the general profile of a Nostradamus “anti-christ” in all aspects. Keep your eyes on the news, as Saddam swings from the gallows. But, bear in mind that Nostradamus is “seeing” things from centuries ago. Hard to describe images of 20th century earth accurately while lacking the understanding we have of todays world. Look at the whole of history and put it in context.


    Mabus will soon die and there will come
    A dreadful destruction of people and animals,
    Suddenly vengeance will be revealed,
    Hundred, hands, thirst and hunger when the comet will pass.

    Saddam and comet McNaught ? – “Right now, it seems the maximum magnitude might reach -1.5 to -8.7. If the latter is true, the comet would be visible in broad daylight!”

  10. Nostradamus… Mabus

    damus… mabus
    flip dam around… mab (d becomes a b)
    mabus… mabus

    Mabus = the reincarnate form of Notradamus ????????? would however explain why Nostradamus was the one who fortold of such prophecies

  11. Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging at dawn of 30 December (Iraqi Time) 2006. Roughly a week later, Comet McNaught passing close to the sun, suddenly and unexpectedly began bursting into a brightness that by the middle of January 2007 competed with the sunset’s afterglow. The comet core and tail rivaled the brightness of the planet Venus. I bear personal witness to its brightness, as I had the opportunity to see it, on 11 January, on a rare clear winter evening in the Pacific Northwest floating above a stand of pine trees. It rivaled the afterglow of sunset behind my house. A few days later it appeared over evening skies of the Southern Hemisphere stretching an arched, hoary rooster comet tail millions of miles into space that drew a line in the sky of comet gas and dust reminiscent of a ghostly ribbon of aurora lights.

    The synchronicity of Saddam’s death and the emerging comet engendered an avalanche of letters from all over the world asking if this comet augured Saddam Hussein as “Mabus.” Moreover, did his death and the comet’s transit mean we were about the endure a widening war in the Middle East, if not the onset of the 25 or 27 year conflict of the Third Antichrist in just a few short days or months.

    I can say this. Never in over three decades of prophecy watching have I seen a better heavenly portend match the death of a key figure–a prime candidate for the Third Antichrist–as catalyst for the next world war.

    At the time of this writing, this comet stands as the best candidate. It would take a stellar visitation of singularly rare and vast proportions to better it. I do not rule that out. Still, Comet McNaught captures the subtleties of Nostradamus’ language like no other before it. Consider the last phrase of the prophecy: “when the comet will pass”–or, “will run.” The French word courra also means, “will run quickly.” McNaught did just that. Although the Australian astronomer Robert McNaught had discovered it in August 2006, no one at that time expected it would blossom from a modest smudge only seen by telescope and binoculars to a sudden brilliance in our skies around dawn or sunset of the new year when it passed close around the Sun. Indeed, from 12 to 16 January 2007, a little more than two weeks after the death of Saddam Hussein, it flared bright enough to be seen in broad daylight as the third brightest object in the skies behind only the Sun and the Moon. Those who could block out the sun and gaze about a fist’s width on an outstretched arm to the left of the sun’s position could see it without binoculars.

    Comet McNaught’s passing was quick and dramatic. It flared to full magnitude while running around the sun within the orbit of Mercury in less than a fortnight. It became three times brighter than the next candidate for the Mabus Comet, Hale-Bopp in 1997. It is only bested by the 20th century’s most luminous comet, Ikeya-Seki, appearing 42 years ago in 1965.

    It is highly likely that Saddam is Nostradamus’ Mabus and McNaught is the comet running at the end of the Mabus prophecy.

    The death of Saddam Hussein followed by the days of the comet may unravel a mystery. Why did Nostradamus give two time lines for the war of his third and final antichrist. Thanks to your letters it has come to my attention that if you count the years Saddam Hussein became dictator of Iraq in 1979 to the year of his death (the end of 2006) you get 27 years–the same count of years in 8 Q77’s prophecy about the Third Antichrist:

  12. I tend to think that as Nostradamus would have been
    predominately a Latin scribe, I believe that “MABUS”
    could refer to a group rather than an individual.
    MAB= Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) and in Latin
    (US) refers to foreign or aquired.
    Judging by what has already happened in the UK I think
    this may be a clue to MABUS let me know your thoughts.
    Rob Grainger.

  13. I’m thinking Mabus is not the third anti christ, maybe it means that Obama will win the presidential election after Bush’s run in office, however he may soon after die.

    Mabus will soon die and there will come
    A dreadful destruction of people and animals,
    Suddenly vengeance will be revealed,
    Hundred, hands, thirst and hunger when the comet will pass.

    Therefore beginning a sequence of events leading to the end of the world. Mayan calenders say the end of the world is 2012. Maybe the anti christ is already here and wont start making drastic moves until the assasination takes place. The end times will then leave way for the mark of the beast, which is a microchip placed either in the forehead or hand taken by choice of course, to buy or sell. I recently saw a show on discovery relating to these microchips. A security company here in the states had their employees where these small microchips in their arms to give them clearence and access to the building. 2012 is a little to close for comfort.

  14. Ray Mabus (not the antichrist) but an important person in the near future in Obama’s administration possibly. Previously, he served as Governor of the U.S. state of Mississippi from 1988 to 1992 as a Democrat and as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1994 to 1996 (under Clinton administration). In May 2007, he endorsed U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-IL, for president, and was serving as a senior adviser to the campaign. Maybe Nostradamus just simply saw this name,(Mabus) more clearly this time than Napoleon’s and Hitler’s. I believe Mabus is a signal that we are close when he dies.

  15. All of these theories, those preveously mentioned, are very good. Intrest in this subject is facinating. The transition of the president elect, Obama, and the outgoing president, Bush, is a likely scenario for “Mabus will pass soon” (ma/bus), but ex-Governor Mabus is a good choice if he is chosen as part of Obama’s cabinet; say, Secretary of Energy. The comet could be a missile. Sad to say, though, we will probably not know until the prophecy is fulfilled. What we should really consider is the fact that it appears that the future exists, now. Prophecy could not be possible unless Einstein was correct. “Time is relative.” The future, past and present exist in different dimensions at the same time. How did Nostradamus see the future? If you do your research into this aspect of it, you might be surprised to find that our scientists may have stumbled upon this secret. Good luck.

  16. I don’t have any theories to contribute, per se, but a couple things occur to me, a few days from Obama being sworn in. First, it has been revealed that North Korea has weaponized plutonium, and the capacity to deliver a payload thousands of miles. Second, the conflict in Gaza where Israel has targeted U.N. installations such as schools, hospitals and food storage warehouses – after the U.N. had already given Israel the GPS coordinates so that this very thing wouldn’t happen… and with Hamas launching all those rockets into Israel while hiding among civilians, it doesn’t seem unlikely that they may try to get a hold of something more powerful. Iran has just stated, again, that peace cannot come to the mid-east so long as Israel exists. Iran also has an expanding nuclear program.

    Finally, with our current progress in quantum physics, we nearing a point where mankind can create a paradox with entwined photons. With particle/wave duality, you cannot know both the position and the velocity of a photon, yet entwined photons reflect the state of each other instantly across any distance (gonna just call the entwined photons one and two from here on). So if you measure the position of one, two is a particle, and if you are measuring the velocity of two, then one is a wave. But in measuring the position of one, one is a particle… but measuring the velocity of two renders two a wave. But since one is a particle, two is a particle – except two is a wave, so one is a wave. And of course since this state is communicated instantly between the photons, we also have faster-than-light transmission of information. If anyone with a deeper understanding of quantum physics can correct me on this, I would appreciate it (insomnia is kinda muddying my brain). Basically what I guess I’m getting at is maybe prophesy is possible because of our experiments – hence Nostradamus only seeing so far into the future, a closed loop of sorts.

    I think I need to go to bed. I just hurt my own brain.

  17. Maybe we are looking inthe wrong place. Nostradamus wrote in Frence in Latin.

    Mab us
    latin to french
    mab étrangère
    French to english
    mab extraneous
    existing or coming from outside
    mab extraneous:
    Celtic God of Light
    in Celtic mythology, the god of light, who mediated between humankind and the divine

    Mab us
    English to French
    Mab nous
    In some philosophies, the part of the human spirit that is capable of rational thought.

    Maybe it has nothing to do with a person. Maybe we will kill what sustains us on Earth.


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